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Jordan C. Lewis
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Life is a party,
you're the man in blue,
Life is a party
death is the booze
I'll keep my hands
to myself
those kisses burn my cheeks,
skin red like blood,
I can hardly speak
Life is a party,
I'm standing awkwardly
by the ottoman
you glance at me,
Life is a party,
I think I might die here
If I do, I'll just drown
in some sort of blue
on your face  
I haven't danced in a while
I think I'm ready to go to bed,
yeah I'm sick to my stomach
life is a party
I'm just here uninvited yeah
Life is a party
But it's not fucking fun
beneath all the conundrum
I'm just saying random words
"A word can bring no more light
to a cave
than a drop of water
can bring end to a drought."

"The drought may not end
for the elephant,
but to the ant,
life continues."
I appreciate and love all of my supporters. Thank you so much for reading. Every ounce of support warms me and fills me with joy.
He wore some fit of gold over him.
his eyes swayed
as a hawk shifts in the wind.
Purposely, listlessly, powerful.
I knew a hand like his, veins like rivers trotting down a mountain.
Where he would touch, trees would grow, roots would grip and I would behold.
He gave me no approbation
for my scribe of this avid ardor,
but the ink he spilled heavily in my mind
left me no choice.
Dust is a kingdom here.
They do not blow it from shelves,
or inhale it from the earth.
no, dust here is the every star.

when night falls it glows,
some particle of crimson DNA or another. You know, she said we all had the potential to be planets in our own right.
We were all born of the same cast,
and similar tongue,
all written in the same cosmic contract.
A celestial code shared between us.

There is no moon here,
at least not in the sky.
she taught me that every orb of sand
was lunar if it could be seen
Consume until the daylight even seeps, saturated from a skin not stretched
too thin but still barely there.
through the drops of a honey tree
I can see your insides.
our Eden held no forbidden fruit,
there was no surface here
untouched by the hands of teeth.
Of all the angels and hypersensitivity outlined in you,
your crown of figs and wants and needs bled and called out to me,
so I came and I am here, salivating

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