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Jordan C. Lewis
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armed and recycled


we put our hearts in our words
and exchanged them.
we opened them up to each other,
showing glowing hopes
for the future, and dark clouded
remnants of the past. Regrets flew like ghosts
but I knew that with you, I could dispel them.
I knew that with you
I could stop time, hold the world still
as you captured the air around me with strength of your arms
and the loyalty in my heart.
I found myself tangled in the virescent glow
of your olive eyes, and I did not move. I was comfortable here.
at home in the charming interest that you took in me.
The walls of my stomach were tickled by the tips of the
wings of buterflies that you summoned when our eyes connected
like two ebullient wires.
sparks flew, invisible but there and
I couldn't help but think that you were something out of a dream.
when our lips first touched and our breath's connected
lightning shot through me,
and I questioned your quintessential beauty.
I wondered why a sun as bright as you
would beam so happily on a floret like me.
I was fascinated every look you gave me, every word of yours that I opened,
and I began to realize that you stirred a magic inside of me,
a magic that I must have conjured in you.
a mutual cognizance between us magnetized our bosoms.
we made the gold of who we are
shine more luminously than the obsidian ash of what we once were.
the gravitation of this splendor makes me want forever.
and nothing lasts longer than words do. So with them
we'll tie together the impressions of our intentions and tattoo them on the skin
of what keeps us alive, the very thing that keeps us waking up
to the magnificence of the day. It is the simple, unspoken promise
that, amongst all things we have and ever will do for one another,
our words will be the pulchritude of who we are
and our hearts will remain in them as a testament to each other.
my heart is yours, and your heart is mine.
Obviously by the title, this is a rough draft. its actually sort of a commission for a friend. I just need a place to store it for now. i dont know why there was a mature content filter on this, I'll take it off. haha 

EDIT: final product.
The coffee table is chipped and dry. Sunlight trickles in through the balcony window. It's open, how she likes it. The air easy this morning. Halfhearted, listless, undemanding.

She lifts her hand to scratch the back of her head and I think of her movements as I so often do, machine-like. Unnaturally perfect. Her bun comes undone. Velvet cerise hair cascades about her shoulders. It reminds me of blood, like it always does. She looks blankly at the ground, bites her lip. I watch her, as she does everything as if she is not doing them. I stare, and she hates it but does not say anything. She seems trapped in her automation. Yes, I just look at her and she just looks outside.

She is not wearing any pants and I am absent a shirt. The sunlight tickles my chest a little bit. I can hear the birds singing. Maybe crying. Or maybe they are just being animals, she'd probably say. I can't help but think that she and I are the same. Silent, but maybe singing. Looking, but maybe crying. Disgusting, prepossessing, or maybe just being animals.
This is about vampires.

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